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IDLI IDLI is an Indian dish prepared more often in south Indian households. It is mostly taken as breakfast. It is taken by all age category people. Ingredients : 1. IDLI Mix 2. Salt 3. Water Preparation of IDLI mix : 1. Need White Rice and Black Gram (for 2 cups of rice we need… Continue reading IDLI

Indian Healthy Food

Low Cost Healthy Indian Snack

Peanut Wet Mixture Ingredients : 1. Peanuts 2. Chopped Onions 3. Chopped Tomato 4. Chopped Green Chili 4. Lemon 5. Salt 6. Red Chili Powder 7. Chaat Masala Making Procedure : 1. Boil the peanuts in water. 2. Take the boiled peanuts (quantity based on your empty stomach) in a bowl. 3. Add salt and… Continue reading Low Cost Healthy Indian Snack


#MeToo Campaign in INDIA.. Who’s mistake is this?

Hi Happy Souls, Here I want to share my views about #MeToo Campaign in INDIA.. Here in India.. not only in every other part of world suffer the same... In India, girls were told to not to speak up, not to go out, not to dance, not to watch a movie, don't study more than… Continue reading #MeToo Campaign in INDIA.. Who’s mistake is this?