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To every girl who has a dream..

Every woman has a dream.

Doctor told it’s a GIRL, before I came out.

Teacher told your counter gender is intelligent than you.

Coach told they are stronger than you.

Parents told this is not our culture.

Sister told world is missing, never get out of room.

Brother told I will escort you wherever you go.

Boyfriend told don’t eat much, my mother won’t get impressed.

Mother told you should take care of all household work without any help.

Father told never disobey your in-laws.

Grandma told why to work hard, someone will work for you.

Friends told be satisfy with what you have.

Cousin told don’t eat much, you won’t get married.

Husband told I know how outside world will treat you.

Dear ones told we are afraid of outside society.

Society told that is not your cup of tea.

MNC’s told you shouldn’t be married to get a job.

Cosmetic Companies told you should apply cream to get it.

King told you should not have driving license.

Queen told you should have social media accounts.

Film makers told there are no stories for you.

Boutique told we don’t have your size.

Everyone told you should hide what is happening in your body.

Stranger told you are walking in wrong time.

Colleague told to sit properly.

Neighbors told to get married at right age otherwise it would be difficult.

But I told myself never give up on your dream.

With lots of Love ending here… Hope someone understands it and make world a better place for woman..  Ladies never forget to dream and chase until you get it.

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