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IDLI is an Indian dish prepared more often in south Indian households. It is mostly taken as breakfast. It is taken by all age category people.

Ingredients :
1. IDLI Mix
2. Salt
3. Water

Preparation of IDLI mix :
1. Need White Rice and Black Gram (for 2 cups of rice we need half cup of black gram)
2. Soak the ingredients separately for whole night max needed 5 hours
3. Grind the mix (Before that check whether they soaked well or not)
4. That’s it IDLI mixture is ready

1. There are special IDLI Steamers usually in every Indian Household, if you don’t have you can directly keep the steamer plates in a cooker. If you don’t have IDLI steamer plates you can you any small steel bowls for that.
2. Now place the IDLI mix in any above mentioned way in steamer plate or small steel bowls and put little water at the end of cooker or IDLI Steamer.
3. Place it on stove.
4. Steam it for 15 min.
5. Tadaaa!!! IDLIs are ready
6. Take with Groundnut chutney or sambar or coconut chutney… really your stomach feel good.
Tip : If a few drops of ghee is spread on IDLI steamer plate or bowls you used it will more tasty.

Advantages :
1. Can store IDLI mix in fridge for a 5 to 7 days.
2. Can be prepared very quickly.
3. Very light food
4. Taste at peaks when we take with chutney or sambar.
5. Healthy Indian diet

PS : If you want to know how to prepare different chutneys fell free to ask.

With love signing off..

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