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5 Movies need to be watched by every teenager before entering into the real world

Usually movies are mostly fiction, with created characters and souls.. but if we watch some movies it will move us for years..

Our Lives may not be like a movie, but we can take inspiration from movies to fill our lives with happiness..
Whereas some movies stick in our mind that we don’t forget and in our entire life..Every movie has its own zone but life has mix of all zones.. never forget that.. no matter whatever may be problem, stand for yourself…

So here are these five movies that inspires and makes us strong..

1. The Pursuit of Happyness 

It was released in year 2006, acted by will smith… movie turns around this character.. what a great actor..Every scene moves us.. oh my god.. one should watch this movie when they can’t able to move forward..what you should take from this movie is always aim for big and never give up on that dream…if no one stands for you… You should stand fot yourself and keep that belief in you…

2. The Shawshank Redemption 

What a classic movie guys.. few will get little confused with movie.. but I say this one of the best movies.. It was released in year 1994.. we rarely get a movie where every character is classic… every character inspires us in one or other way.. the main lead character acted by Tim Robbins. From this story one can understand that life throws rocks on us even we don’t deserve that, but you should never give up on our life…

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic 

Hahaha.. why I laughed is that you want.. yes this character is like someone stalked me and took that movie without telling me..is that so.. no.. but every average common girl who is so confused can related to this… it was released in the year 2009.. this is mainly around character played by this great actress Isla Fisher..this is around a normal girl who struggles with her addiction to shopping and find the path of her life..After watching this I personally felt one should wait and search for their space and never give up and stay happy no matter how big the problem is..

4. The Help

Very responsible movie.. it was released in the year 2011..every character is a sculpture..in any part of world it is not acceptable to make any human being life as vulnerable.. that too based on race.. which one individual is not responsible for that.. we all born in some way or other.. one is not great only because of race.. this movie move around alot of characters and every artist gave their best.. it is inspiring.. every person has a world of wonders in side his or her body.. it should be taken so gracefully and help others and make a change to better society.. I learnt from this movie.. respect every individual.. because they deserve it.. and I respect all black because of how they achieved a better place for them no matter how difficult it was.. a big salute to all black who worked for that change.

5. Fault in our Stars

OMG.. this movie changed my perception towards life..it was released in the year 2014..this is mainly around two characters played by Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.. if you stay for two days on this earth, stay happy for those two days.. never take your life… no matter what, because many others out there want to live that life you want to take away.. this drives me every day..

Friends these are the few movies, I don’t say it will do wonders to all your lives.. but definitely say these movies change your perception of your thinking towards life.. makes you ready to face the real world.. watch them if you not yet watched these movies before you step into real world..if you have any suggestions feel free to leave comment..share with your friends you love.. feel free to comment about any movies I need to watch..

NOTE : All movie posters are taken from google.. i don’t own any of these posters..

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