#MeToo Campaign in INDIA.. Who’s mistake is this?

Hi Happy Souls,

Here I want to share my views about #MeToo Campaign in INDIA..
Here in India.. not only in every other part of world suffer the same…
In India, girls were told to not to speak up, not to go out, not to dance, not to watch a movie, don’t study more than your husband, should not have dreams, not to shout even when you are frustrated.. many NOT’s, many can’ts, many shdn’ts, what not!!! in every possible way we have a big tide that we have to surf. Some can surf the tide, some leave it in the middle because they dont have energy and they couldn’t get from anywhere….

But I say after 500 hundred years our future girls will be proud of us because of what we are doing right now.. yes it takes atleast 500 years to get a equal position as men.. I am sure I wont see it.. but this earth gonna see this, I am sure about that, so girls dont loose hope..

Yes Casting Couch is there in INDIAN film industry. Sexual exploitation is there every where on this earth. SO let’s speak up against every kind of exploitation. No one should fall into this trap. Sex is a beautiful thing that two people should enjoy it.. it should not be used to exploit others.. up to here every one agrees..

Then Here some questions about #MeToo…

who’s mistake is this.. is it a woman’s or man’s???
I say the mistake is in hands of people who are in a position to give opportunities at the cost of sex..

Why cant this lady walk away from that..
She is staying in a competitive world.. we all knew if we lost a chance it might be impossible to get it.. she also believes it same as us…

Why cant this lady see some other job..
She is passionate about something and she never imagined other than that……. it is impossible to get away and find happiness in other things..every one believes it.. she also does

When I am in her position I won’t do it..
Its about not you and me.. its about she who is helpless to make other choice..
Stand for those girls.. every girl over there might not have same mindset as you and me..

Why is this lady choosing it when it is that difficult..
Do girls should lock their feet to get her dreams.. no human being should told to stop dreaming about achieving something.. whether that person is he or she.. every one believes it.. she also does…

Why she is targeting the Film industry when there are other places with sexual exploitation..
In other places no one will be judged if she come out and talk about it.. but here if she come out, she will be judged and trashed.. so we have to stand with her who come out.. and I don’t understand this people, if in your place something bad is happening, you should stand & stop it rather than saying it is everywhere and why are you targeting us…

Hey.. It is not a rape.. it is mutual understanding..
Really.. do you think so.. when any one of the individuals don’t like doing sex with other and that individual have to do it.. then it is a rape.. here other person creatively creating a situation to her to do it…

Why cant she walk away.. because Men wont change..
For many years she should run.. she is told to cover her face & body with burka.. she is told not to step out of those four walls.. she is told not to take opportunities.. she told not to be ambitious..and many.. but my question is for how years this should happen..

PS: Dear men a request for all helpless ladies on earth
Why can’t you stand against the things which are going around you against women..If this continues as I said after 500 years your gender is going to feel shame because of these bad man.. tell the future that there are good men also here.. if you think that something you have done wrong in past like passing a livid comment or eve-teasing a woman or catcalling a innocent lady … just say sorry to youself and stand for woman empowerment.. it can be a way to wash your dirt hands..

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