Indian Healthy Food

Low Cost Healthy Indian Snack

Peanut Wet Mixture

Ingredients :
1. Peanuts
2. Chopped Onions
3. Chopped Tomato
4. Chopped Green Chili
4. Lemon
5. Salt
6. Red Chili Powder
7. Chaat Masala

Making Procedure :
1. Boil the peanuts in water.
2. Take the boiled peanuts (quantity based on your empty stomach) in a bowl.
3. Add salt and chili powder based on the quantity of peanuts you took.
4. Add finely chopped Onions, Tomato and Green chili.
5. Squeeze that lemon based on your taste.
6. Add a pinch of Chaat masala(of any company), this is optional.
7. At the end mix it well with a spoon.
8. Tadaaa!!! our boiled peanut mixture is ready.

Advantages :
1. Hardly take 15 minutes.
2. All ingredients are easily available and lost cost.
3. Very healthy recipe
4. Can be cooked on a stove else on a rice cooker.
5. you can satisfy your taste buds as well as brain(not to do more exercise because it is not a junk)happy at the same time

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