#MeToo campaign in Tollywood #Support_SriReddy

Empowering Women really… If we women don’t change and raise our voice NOT EMPOWERMENT, ENSLAVE IS GOING TO HAPPEN. We women are the reason for our own discrimination in society.

An actress came and talked about sexual exploitation, casting couch, many such things. No one, even a single women came out and talked about the things they are facing in support of her. What you are afraid of? If you still sit in your comfort zone nothing change.

When a man talk sexiest, offensive comments on women no one opposes it. Has any women opposed it? But when a woman get victimized these woman comes like vulture to eat skin on dead bodies. They openly pass worst comments in front of crores of people. “A women should come to his bed and get pregnancy”. Another one comments on “thighs” and “navel” of women. “Women is only eligible for sleeping in bed”.  Popular actors used these sentences. They show same shit in their movies. These are few, this happens in every movie function. From a small anchor to big star everyone talks like this. What are they thinking about women? Is this the message they are giving to their fans? Yes some normal people talk the same shit outside in society because it is cool to talk like that, as their favorite heroes talk the same. Times has changed, still movie makers thinking it is in 20th century. No it is 21st century, women are coming to theaters. Wake Up. Days are gone where men only come to theaters. They can’t continue taking that hero centric films. They should change their stories because after watching those movies women think that only a man can help a woman in dangerous situation. No it’s not true, we can help ourselves.

This MAA association come and show their power by banning the actress who raised her voice. Are they giving message that no woman should again raise their voice or what?? Please grow up, for god sake. If you concern about obscenity, stop showing in your movies. The people who gave speeches about their MAA association panel should stop acting in stupid scripts where you are objectifying a woman. Are you ready for that? If you really concern about woman first come and say sorry for all shit movies you people done earlier. If your woman can’t able to watch the protest in TV and why you taking movies which are objectifying woman. Please don’t take it sir, your woman will also see, if at least you concern about them. Stop showing misogynist attitude.

PS: To all the actresses when someone can pass a comment on you, please react properly at the same moment. Don’t show that smiling face as if nothing happens. When such heroes has fans, then we will become your fans. When they can pass such comments in front of crores of people, we can understand the situation during shooting.

Not even single woman came in support of her. Are we always afraid of getting eliminated if we support for such issues. Be brave to come out and talk about our issues which we have faced. For how many days we sit silent and afraid of not impressing men by without protesting. We go weapons to us. Come and raise your voice. For how many days we are going to sit in between those four walls and build a shield which protects us from not seeing shit which is happening around us. Please give a hand to fellow woman who need it, indirectly we are helping ourselves. It is highly required in this generation for women empowerment. Now it requires in Tollywood. Please start a #metoo campaign in tollywood. For how many days we will wait for someone to start. Be that first lady. It is not fair when a woman strips her clothes for another woman. Please don’t get back of those men who wants to suppress woman. Don’t be enemy to ourselves. It’s time to show that woman warriors are also there in India. If every woman in tollywood join one hand, then they can’t take movies without woman right. At least their heroes won’t dress up like a woman and act in woman role.

In many interviews actress Lakshmi Manchu and manjula, daughter of Krishna stated that their fathers were initially reluctant about entering to TFI. Are they scared about these type of exploiting in TFI? They were scared when it comes to their daughters when it comes to outsiders they don’t even care. At least speak up now sir, it will be safe for your daughters or granddaughters in future.

This is a heart felt letter to all woman over there.. may be its aggressive a little bit.. but understand girls if don’t speak up now, we are giving same path to our future kids.. please speak up..

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